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Water Sports in Varkala

Varkala is a beautiful coastal town in Thiruvananthapuram district. It lies in the southern part of Kerala. It is the only place in Kerala where

Varkala Beach

Experience the sublime beauty of Varkala beach just by relaxing in the cosy niche of Sherly Cottages Beach Resort. Feel like going in the sun?

Edava Beach (2.5 km)

The Edava Beach is 7 mins from the Sherly Cottages Beach Resort. Sense the beauty of the virgin stretches enclosing the lagoon where sea and

Thiruvambadi Beach(3.2 km)

The Thiruvambadi Beach lying 1 km off Thiruvambadi road, is just 7 mins from Sherly Cottages Beach Resort. This black sand beach is an ideal

Anjengo Lighthouse (16 km)

Get your cameras ready to capture stunning pictures as Sherly Cottages takes you a tour of the Varkala Lighthouse. Built in 1684 by the British

Sivagiri Mutt (7.9 km)

Experience tranquillity and peaceful atmosphere at Sivagiri Mutt which is 18 mins from Sherly Cottages Beach Resort. Sivagiri Mutt is an ashram instituted by Sree

Ponnumthuruthu (Golden Island)

Become one with nature as Sherly Cottages Beach Resort takes you on a 30 minute boat ride from Nedunganda to Ponnumthuruthu through the backwaters. Ponnumthuruthu,

Varkala Cliff(1 km)

If you are a beach lover, Varkala Cliff is the perfect spot for you to enjoy the stunning view of the golden beach and to

Vishnu Temple

Vishnu Temple is an ancient temple dating back to around 2000 years. It is located very close to the Varkala Beach in Thiruvananthapuram. The temple

Kaduvayil Juma Masjid

Kaduvayil Juma Masjid is dedicated to a Muslim Saint, Saint Kaduvayil Thangal who is believed to have magical powers. It is one of the important

Varkala Lighthouse

Varkala Lighthouse was built in 1684 by the British to assist the navigation of ships coming from Britain. It stands 130 feet tall on the

Kappil Lake(2.7 km)

Get mesmerised as Sherly Cottages takes you for pedal boating to witness the breath-taking view of the Kappil Lake. It is an estuary surrounded by

Papanasam Beach(1.5km)

Sherly Cottages Beach resort offers you the proximity to Papanasam beach which is famous for its spiritual purposes. Get ready to take a dip in

Kappil Beach

Kappil Beach is a strip of land by the Kappil Lake. The beautiful beach is lined with coconut trees and offers a beautiful view of

Varkala Aquarium(3.6km)

Sherly Cottages takes you to Varkala Aquarium where you can watch a large collection of fishes including the local Karimeen(Green Chromide), Eels, scorpionfish, angelfish, etc,

Varkala Tunnel

Sherly Cottages takes you through the Varkala Tunnel which is a historic inland waterway built in 1867. It is a great example of the Colonial

Saint Sebastians Pilgrim Church

Feel the sanctity at the Sebastians Pilgrim Church Moongodu as Sherly Cottages takes you to experience the famous Feast procession of Saint Sebastian when the

Sarkara Devi Temple(19.4 km)

Sherly Cottages takes you to merge into devotion at the Sarkara Devi Temple which is about 30 mins from the resort. We let you experience

Chilakoor Beach(4.3 km)

Chilakoor Beach is located at a distance of about 15 kms from the town of Varkala in Kerala. Lined with gorgeous casuarina groves, the drive

Janardhanaswamy Temple

One of the most significant festivals in Kerala, the ten-day Arattu festival is celebrated in the Janardhan Swamy temple with elephant processions, ornamental silk umbrellas

Anjengo Fort (16 km)

Anjengo Fort at Anjengo is 30 mins from Sherly Cottages Beach Resort. It is believed to have been built in 17th century and depicts the