Welcome to Sherly Cottages

Sherly Cottages located in the sunny beach at Varkala Odayam Beach is where sound of waves breaking against the cliff becomes your morning alarm. Where the wind from the sea becomes your masseur. Where you become one with Nature. Just 4 km away from Varkala Railway Station and 48 km away from Thiruvananthapuram International Airport.

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Stay With Sherly Cottages

This serene Beach Cottage stays in a spiritual bubble of tranquility. It’s delicate and natural. Like the springs that gush forth from the Cliff, Like the coconut fronds that sway in the breeze, Like the sound of the bell on the neck of the bullock, Like the flavor of the traditional cuisine, that spreads slowly within you. That’s Sherly Cottages for you. Listen to the Breeze. It has got a story for you.

Rooms & Facilities

The Sherly Cottages stays in a spiritual bubble of tranquility. This enchanting niche offers you an authentic traditional ambiance, tempting beaches, tranquil backwaters, exquisite cuisine, and sharing of traditions. The rooms are designed to merge aesthetic beauty with the rich cultural heritage of Kerala.

Experiences at Sherly Cottages

Our mission is to enrich people’s lives with pleasant vacation moments and memories. Lots of extended services, amenities and special offers are our backup in fulfilling the dream of a perfect holiday for every guest.

  • Backwater Tourism
  • Spa & Massage
  • Kerala Traditional Food
  • Kerala Cultural Exchange by Visiting Temples & Sculptures
  • Local Traditional Fishing Experience
  • Sherly’s Fine Arts Gallery
  • Gym & Yoga
  • Boat tours
  • Kerala Traditional Wedding Plan for Foreigners
  • Take part in Paddy Farming

Your Personal Paradise

We are a home for your unforgettable time and best camera pictures!

Kerala Traditional Food

Sherly Cottages  serve you delicious and healthy traditional cuisines of Kerala which is a blend of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The traditional Kerala Sadya (banquet) consisting of 24-28 variety of traditional vegetarian dishes served on a banana leaf is an authentic cuisine of Kerala. We also serve popular:Vegetarian Dishes of Kerala such as Idiyappam with Curry, Erissery (Pumpkin and Lentil Stew), Puttu and Kadala Curry, Appam with Ishtu (Stew), Parippu Curry (Dal Curry), Dosa Ghee Roast with Kerala Style Sambar, Idli Sambar

Non-Vegetarian Dishes such as Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu (Spicy Chicken Fry), Kerala Style Prawn Karimeen Pollichathu (Fish), Kerala Style Fish Moli, Nadan Beef (Kerala Style Beef), Kozhikodan or Thalassery Biryani, Kallumakkaya Ularthiyathu (Mussel Stir Fry), Erachi Varutharacha Curry (Fried-Ground Mutton Curry)

Popular Desserts of Kerala cuisine such as Palada Payasam, Ethakka Appam (Banana Fritters), Ada Pradhaman, Chatti Pathiri, Elayappam and Kozhukatta.

Get in Touch

Every moment of your journey is important for us and that is exactly why we want to be sure you’ve enjoyed the stay at Sherly Cottages. Leave your feedback to help us be better for you or share your sunny memories and holiday experience.

We appreciate and gladly welcome your opinion and comments! 


Sherly Cottages
Odayam Beach,Varkala Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India 695141


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